Meet the Team

Lukas Fittl

Lukas Fittl

CEO & Founder

Lukas' fascination with technology has always been combining deep technical know-how with usable interfaces and great design. He has had his fair share of scaling experience, most notably co-founding the blogging network, and taking responsibility for scaling the PostgreSQL-based backend to more than 50,000,000 posts.

Nowadays his focus is to establish a great company environment which allows expertise to flow into the product effectively, and where everyone understands why they are doing what they are doing.

He is a frequent speaker on topics around Agile and Lean product management, and has a personal mission to distribute product ownership & the customer's perspective into engineering teams.

Michael Renner

Michael Renner


Michael has worked in the areas of system operations and database administration for the last decade. He's always driven by a strong desire to analyse and understand the performance patterns of modern multi-tiered web applications.

With pganalyze he was able to build the tool that answers many of the recurring questions seen in most customer environments, helping to focus on the underlying problems instead of fighting the everyday performance data collection issues.

Michael is an active member of the PostgreSQL community, holding regular talks on Postgres performance, replication and operation. He is always interested in developments in the NoSQL area too since projects like Redis, Riak and Couchbase can complement existing SQL database setups greatly if used in the right way.

Our Story

The product was born out of our shared vision that understanding and being able to troubleshoot performance problems in the database world shouldn't be as hard as it is nowadays. More than once we've seen a project going belly-up during normal operation with no talented DBAs being available on short notice.

There are plethora of reasons why this can happen, be it missed opportunities for indexes, growth of data sets, features being deployed without looking at performance implications or hardware issues.

When confronted with such situations for a skilled DBA the approach is usually the same:

  • Get a picture of what's going on in the database
  • Understand the problems the client wants to address
  • Work out the most efficient solution to get there, be it application changes, schema improvements or hardware upgrades
More often than not there's not sufficient instrumentation to get a good understanding what's going on with a database right away and especially with scaling issues not having historic data to compare to is a huge challenge.

Not having this data is similar to being called to a huge factory that has a production halt, no documentation and plans at hand, being tasked with making sure that production can start again ASAP. "How does this work?" - "Has this ever worked?" - "Is this even important?" and other thoughts pop up in the mind of the DBA during the stressful hours (or even days) to come.

With pganalyze we want to give you a tool which allows you to get a good insight in what's going on in your database, provide you with the historic data you need for context and offer a good foundation for efficient consulting in performance and scaling questions.

Stop worrying about your PostgreSQL database:

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