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Postgres Solutions Engineer

🕑 Full Time   📌 Remote (US/CA time zones)

Compensation and benefits

Salary: USD 140,000 - 180,000 per year
Equity: 0.75 - 1.25%
Benefits: Hardware setup of choice, flexible work hours, optional desk at a local coworking space or in our SF office, health insurance (premiums 100% covered, incl dependents), 401k match (4%)

About pganalyze

At pganalyze, we redefine the user experience for optimizing the performance of Postgres databases. Our product helps customers such as Atlassian, Robinhood and DoorDash to understand complex Postgres problems and performance issues.

Application developers use pganalyze to get deep insights into complex database behaviors. Our product is heavy on automated analysis and custom visualizations, and makes automatic recommendations, such as suggesting the best index to create for a slow query.

Our company is bootstrapped and profitable. We work fully remote, with the core team based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We emphasize autonomy and focus time by having few meetings per week.

We welcome people of different backgrounds, abilities, experiences and perspectives. Having a work environment that is diverse, inclusive and focuses on learning from one another is central to how we operate. Working together is a form of community, and we care about the shared spaces being safe and supportive.

About the role

You will enjoy working at pganalyze if you care about solving customer’s problems end-to-end based on a comprehensive understanding of a Postgres database environment. You will work with Enterprise customers on adopting pganalyze to level up their organization’s observability practices, and help customers adopt pganalyze’s advisor system and the pganalyze Indexing Engine. This includes writing code to solve customer problems and delivering compelling technical demos.

Your core responsibility: To help customers make effective use of the Postgres observability and automatic tuning recommendations provided by pganalyze. This work involves having a deep understanding of Postgres itself, and being able to jump into the details to figure out how Postgres behaves in certain situations, to guide customers towards a comprehensive solution.

In addition to working with individual customers, you will also help showcase new functionalities added to the pganalyze product, such as developing demos for the new automatic indexing functionality provided by the pganalyze Indexing Engine.

Your work is at the center of elevating pganalyze from an observability product to an experience that’s more deeply integrated into the day-to-day workflows of application developers relying on Postgres as their main database.

Our team is cross-functional, and our goal is to improve the pganalyze product where we can, to allow repeated delivery of a great customer experience.

Whilst this role is customer-centric, we anticipate travel to be minimal as most of our customer communications are online during US day time.

At pganalyze, you will:

  • Work on closing strategic Enterprise deals by delivering compelling technical demos
  • Write code to help customers solve implementation problems
  • Think strategically how to bridge the gap from product capabilities to a customer’s requirements
  • Develop new technical demos end-to-end, from the concept to the implementation
  • Improve product documentation and enable customers to use pganalyze more effectively
  • Help with new product development by gathering feedback in collaboration with our design lead (learn more about our design principles)
  • Co-host webinars on Postgres-specific topics to our customer base (our most recent webinar had 230 live attendees)
  • Collaborate with other engineers on shipping new functionality end-to-end
  • Contribute to our existing open-source projects, such as pg_query, or create new open-source projects in the Postgres space
  • Work with upstream communities, such as the Postgres project, and contribute code back

Previously, you have:

  • Worked professionally for 5 years as a solutions/sales engineer, or have at least 5 years of software engineering experience with an active interest to move into a customer-centric role
  • Worked with cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP or Azure for at least 3 years
  • Written code with Rust, Go or Ruby for at least 3 years
  • Written code that fetches data and/or interacts with cloud provider APIs
  • Presented complex technical topics to an external audience
  • Worked closely with customers, and have strong technical communication skills
  • Used Postgres for multiple projects, and are familiar with using “EXPLAIN” on a query
  • Created indexes on a Postgres database based on a query being slow
  • Structured your work and set your schedule to optimize for your own productivity

Optionally, you may also have:

  • Analyzed patterns in time series data and run statistical analysis on the data
  • Explored different ways of visualizing data sets for easy understanding
  • Written your own Postgres extensions
  • Used Protocol Buffers, FlatBuffers, msgpack or Cap’n Proto to build your own APIs
  • Written a VScode extension, or a GitHub marketplace plugin
  • Used APM and tracing tools to understand slow requests end-to-end

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