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Indexing Engine: Changelog

On this page you can find changes made to the Indexing Engine itself, to help you understand better when recommendations change due to a logic change in the algorithm.

The dates on this page represent when features were first released for the cloud-based version of pganalyze. For pganalyze Enterprise Server releases, we indicate on each release page which release of the Indexing Engine is included.


  • Initial support for PostGIS

    • Adds support for index analysis on queries that reference tables that have PostGIS columns (or reference such tables through foreign key constraints) - recommendations on actual PostGIS columns are not fully implemented yet and costs will not be accurate, but we welcome any feedback
    • Note that this is not yet available in pganalye Enterprise Server
  • Support queries referencing tables within subqueries in cast expressions

    • Previously these would error out because those tables were not recognized as relevant to query analysis


  • Initial release of the new Indexing Engine, powering the in-app Index Advisor for pganalyze
    • This replaces the old Index Advisor logic, and represents a major change in how the query workload is assessed - the previous version worked on a per-query basis, this new version works on a per-table basis and assesses all queries referencing that table
    • Note that GIN index support is currently deactivated, as we improve how cost recommendations are represented for GIN

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