Installation Guide (Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL)

This guide details setting up pganalyze for monitoring a Postgres instance running on Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS) for PostgreSQL as well as Amazon Aurora for PostgreSQL.

If you're looking to monitor a PostgreSQL database running on your own EC2 instances, or anywhere else, use the self-managed Installation Guide.

  1. Configure your RDS instance
  2. Create the Monitoring User
  3. Setup IAM policy
  4. Install the Collector on an EC2 Instance

Also note the following functionality that is fully supported for Amazon RDS and Amazon Aurora databases:

CloudWatch Monitoring

Pulls down system metrics into pganalyze, including Enhanced Monitoring data.

Log File Monitoring

See Log Insights.

Automatic EXPLAINs

See Log Insights: Tuning Log Config Settings to automatically retrieve EXPLAIN plans using auto_explain.

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