Using pganalyze on Heroku Postgres

In order to monitor a Heroku Postgres database you need to run the pganalyze collector as an app inside your Heroku account.

Through Heroku's add-on attachment system you then attach all databases that should be monitored to the collector with an alias of your choosing.

Please be aware you will need a Hobby dyno running continuously, which is an additional charge you have to pay to Heroku in addition to any pganalyze charges.

1. Deploy the collector

Deploy the collector to your own Heroku account:


On the configuration screen, insert your pganalyze Organization API key, found in your API keys page when logged in. Make sure to use the key with access type collector - e.g. ABCDEF123456789 in the screenshot:

api keys overview

Remember the name of the collector app - we will assume you called it testapp-pganalyze-collector for the next step.

2. Attach databases you want to monitor

First, find out the add-on name of the Heroku Postgres database - this is not the same as your application name on Heroku:

$ heroku addons
Owning App                Add-on                        Plan                          Price        State  
────────────────────────  ────────────────────────────  ────────────────────────────  ───────────  ───────
testapp                   postgresql-objective-11111    heroku-postgresql:hobby-dev   free         created

Then, use that add-on name (postgresql-objective-11111 in the example) to attach the Heroku Postgres database to the collector, in addition to your own application:

$ heroku addons:attach postgresql-objective-11111 -a testapp-pganalyze-collector --as TESTAPP
Attaching postgresql-objective-11111 as TESTAPP to ⬢ testapp-pganalyze-collector... done
Setting TESTAPP config vars and restarting ⬢ testapp-pganalyze-collector... done, v9

3. Verify configuration

You can verify that your database has been attached by checking the heroku config of the collector application:

$ heroku config -a testapp-pganalyze-collector
=== testapp-pganalyze-collector Config Vars
TESTAPP_URL: postgres://...:...@...:.../...

In case you run into issues, make sure to check heroku logs of the collector app, it should look like this:

2016-12-29T11:30:05.227035+00:00 app[web.1]: I [TESTAPP_URL] Submitted snapshot successfully

Congratulations - you're done!

Note that it will take up to 30 minutes for the first statistics to be shown in pganalyze.

As a next step we recommend reviewing our setup instructions for the Log Insights feature.

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