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Log Insights: Collect Postgres EXPLAIN plans using auto_explain

We also support extraction of EXPLAIN plans from auto_explain output. Please review the auto_explain documentation carefully to see what makes sense for your system.

We've had good experience with a configuration like this, which will log the EXPLAIN output for every query slower than 1s:

auto_explain.log_analyze = 1
auto_explain.log_buffers = 1
auto_explain.log_timing = 0
auto_explain.log_triggers = 1
auto_explain.log_verbose = 1
auto_explain.log_format = json
auto_explain.log_min_duration = 1000
auto_explain.log_nested_statements = 1
auto_explain.sample_rate = 1

The important detail here is that log_timing is disabled, as this will have a negative performance impact on query execution. You may also want to disable log_analyze if you see increased CPU utilization after enabling auto_explain.

Note that you will also need to add auto_explain to your shared_preload_libraries if you haven't done so already.

EXPLAIN plans will be classified as T84: EXPLAIN plan for slow query and can also be accessed on the associated query detail page:

query details explain plan

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