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Webinar: Advanced Autovacuum Tuning and pganalyze VACUUM advisor

Understand the most important VACUUM metrics, concepts like xmin horizon, how to prevent transaction ID wraparound, estimating bloat, and more.

Lukas Fittl
Lukas Fittl
Founder & CEO, pganalyze

In detail, we walk through

  • How to identify ineffective VACUUMs that run but don’t actually produce any results
  • Tracking freezing stats to prevent TXID wraparound, and how to find problem tables
  • The VACUUM xmin horizon, and how it causes “Dead Tuples Not Yet Removable”, and how pganalyze alerts you of this situation
  • Why BUFFERS is important, and how to interpret the hits counter
  • How pganalyze calculates the age of transaction IDs using calendar time (not just counting TXIDs)
  • How pganalyze estimates bloat, and when the estimates are more vs less accurate
  • The new logic for scale factor and threshold tuning recommendations, and how it works behind the scenes
  • How VACUUMs that have multiple index phases can use a lot of resources, and how pganalyze recommends changing autovacuum_work_mem to avoid the problem
  • The pganalyze VACUUM Advisor

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