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The Most Complete PostgreSQL Monitoring Solution For Enterprises

pganalyze Enterprise runs either in the cloud, or on-premise, scales with your organization and is developed with your security in mind

Your Choice: Cloud, or Completely On-Premise

  • No data sent outside your systems, keep control of your data
  • Retain statistics data in the correct region of the world to comply with local policies
  • Work with sensitive databases that store data such as medical information, financial data or other high security databases
  • Runs in a Docker container behind your own firewall
Architecture of pganalyze Enterprise Server

Scales with your needs

  • pganalyze flexibly adjusts to your architecture. Start small, and we scale as you grow
  • Set up teams that reflect your organizational structure and give them access to database statistics
  • Configure dedicated roles and permissions according to your organizational policies

Learn How Atlassian uses pganalyze Enterprise

Encrypted Log Monitoring

  • Stop leaving log files with PII on a server or developer machine
  • Every log-line is encrypted using AES-256 and decrypted when retrieved
  • Comprehensive filtering and visualization across all log events, no setup needed
  • Combines Postgres log events with statistics tables for detailed per-query analysis and drill down
Screenshot of Log Insights feature
Single-Sign-On (SSO)

SSO Integration

  • Integrates with your ActiveDirectory, LDAP or Google Apps
  • No need to maintain multiple sets of credentials to log in to different applications within your organization
  • No friction when offboarding/onboarding team members
  • Enforce 2FA policies for your SSO provider

Careful PII handling / query normalization

  • Dashboards show normalized query text not containing any end-user data
  • Safely share production database statistics with your development team
Screenshot of query normalization
Screenshot of team management feature

Sophisticated User Management and Permissions

  • Invite your full development team and provide them easy access to database statistics
  • Give restricted access to specific databases and servers
  • Specify whether a user is allowed to manage the system vs. only viewing statistics and dashboards

Hundreds Of Companies Monitor Their Production PostgreSQL Databases With pganalyze