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Plans & Pricing


  • ✔ 14 days historic stats
  • ✔ Automated Health Checks
  • ✔ Team Collaboration
  • ✔ Up to 3 database servers

$99 / month

Enterprise Edition

  • ✔ Option for local on-premise installation behind your firewall
  • ✔ Single sign-on (SSO)
  • ✔ Customizable number of database servers

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We also offer a free Developer plan for 1 server, no collaborators, 24h historic stats and limited features.

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Database Optimization

FeatureEnterprise EditionScaleProduction
Support For x Database ServersCustomizable6+ servers3 servers
Config Tuning Recommendations
Smart Index Check
Buffer Cache Hit Ratio for each query
Identify Poorly Performing Indices
Automated Health Checks

Security & Collaboration

FeatureEnterprise EditionScaleProduction
Option To Run On-Premise
Careful PII handling
Query Normalization
Encrypted Log Monitoring
Restrict Access To Specific Databases and Servers
Role-Based Access Control
Single Sign-On (SSO): Google / G Suite
Single Sign-On (SSO): Active Directory / LDAP
Share Production Statistics Without Sharing Database Access
Store Statistics In Compliance With Local Policies
Enable DBAs And Developers To Collaborate
Streamlined Issue Handling

Performance Analysis

FeatureEnterprise EditionScaleProduction
Historic Statistics Retention TimeCustomizable30 days14 days
Detailed Query Performance Insights
Discover Slow Queries
Root Cause Analysis For Critical Issues
Find Missing Indices
Automatic Collection Of Explain Plans With auto_explain
Database Growth Monitoring
Real-Time Metrics
Unified Platform for Log and Query Monitoring
I/O And CPU Utilization Insights For Each Query
Specific Query Samples
Capture Bind Parameter Values
Helpful Dashboards
Drilldown Into Specific Queries
Detailed Statistics On A Per-Query Basis
Identify Which User A Slow Query Belongs To

Incident Response

FeatureEnterprise EditionScaleProduction
Replication Monitoring
Connection Tracing
Wait Event Monitoring
pganalyze Log Insights
100+ Preconfigured Log Event Filters
Vacuum Monitoring
Pre-Configured Email Alerts
CPU Statistics
Disk Metrics
Customizable Alerts and Notifications
Identify Urgent Problems Across 100+ Database Servers

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