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PostgreSQL Performance Monitoring
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Best-in-class Postgres Query Analysis

  • Access detailed statistics on a per-query basis and catch slow queries before they become big problems.
  • Get highlights on why a slow query is slow and whether an index can be created to make the query perform faster.
  • Get insights on how PostgreSQL executes its query plan and identify performance bottlenecks with automatically collected execution plans using auto_explain.
  • Extract specific query samples from your log files and see them associated in one place together with your query statistics.
  • See which queries slow down your app, and during which times of the day your database performance suffers most.
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Database Visualization And Dashboards

  • Uncover root causes to issues in minutes and stop wasting time with command line tools.
  • Analyze meaningful trends and get insights into your query performance history.
  • View your logs and query statistics in one single platform and monitor your key metrics in real-time.
  • Collect detailed insights and receive tuning recommendations for your per-table autovacuum configuration.
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The scale and volume of data we handle meant that, prior to using pganalyze, I had no easy visibility into this information. pganalyze has saved me at least a day of forensic analysis when debugging database problems.
- Jon Erdman, Senior Postgres DBA, Bitbucket Cloud

Actionable Insights Into your Logs

  • pganalyze automatically extracts your logs into structured data and filters sensitive information.
  • pganalyze Log Insights combines Postgres vacuum information with statistics data and presents it in one unified interface.
  • pganalyze applies over 100 log filters for known Postgres log events to distinguish the log message itself from any sensitive information and filters out such PII before it gets stored.
  • Collect Postgres execution plans using auto_explain to identify slow statements automatically.
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Postgres Performance Optimization

  • Access historic data and zoom into specific moments of your database server performance.
  • Set up automated checks that analyze your Postgres configuration and suggest optimizations.
  • Compare query performance and easily see query speed improvements.
  • See buffer cache hit ratio for each query over time.
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On-premise or as SaaS in the public cloud

  • Run pganalyze on-premise in a Docker container behind your own firewall, on your own servers.
  • Store logs safely on local servers or Amazon S3 and store statistics in compliance with local policies.
  • pganalyze normalizes query information so that only structural data is stored and presented, with all sensitive information filtered out ahead of time.
  • pganalyze integrates with your Active Directory, LDAP or Google Apps setup for single sign-on (SSO).
  • Share production statistics without sharing database access and invite your remote DBA or external contractors to help out.
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