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Identify Slow Postgres Queries

A quick look at the dashboard reveals which queries slow down your app, and during which times of the day your database performance suffers most.

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System Metrics at a Glance

Often its helpful to look at the system-wide CPU, storage and IO metrics - we display all of them in our Server tab so you can quickly identify the bottleneck.

Your Data is Secure

We receive normalized queries using the pg_stat_statements extension and our open-source collector tool - we never access your database directly. Find us on GitHub:  pganalyze-collector

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Be Notified of Any Problems

We continuously monitor your configuration settings and performance metrics. In addition to a weekly performance report, you get instant email notification of critical issues.

pganalyze is an essential part of maintaining our production database. Its combination of continuous metrics, problem pattern identification, configuration sanity checks, as well as available know-how of the founders delivers unbeatable value for the money.

Philip Poten, CTO