pganalyze Indexing Engine

The new Index Advisor is powered by our new pganalyze Indexing Engine for Postgres.

Interested in how the pganalyze Indexing Engine works?
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A better approach for indexing your Postgres database

pganalyze Indexing Engine automatically finds the right indexes for your database, through a three step approach:

  • Break down your query workload into individual scans of the tables involved
  • Assess each table to determine the optimal index configuration
  • Surface recommendations together with schema and query statistics in the pganalyze Index Advisor
Diagram of pganalyze Indexing Engine
Architecture of pganalyze 'What If?' analysis

"What If?" analysis with zero production impact

  • The pganalyze Indexing Engine runs fully within the pganalyze app, based on query and schema statistics
  • Detailed analysis compares all possible indexes for a specific query and its scans
  • No special extensions are required to enable the Indexing Engine for your production database

The "Good Enough" index selection algorithm

  • The pganalyze Indexing Engine recommends the optimal set of indexes that covers all queries
  • Recommendations are balanced between the improved query performance, and the added Index Write Overhead
  • This result is deterministic - when the same version of the Indexing Engine runs again with the same inputs, it produces the same recommendations
Concept diagram of the 'Good Enough' index selection algorithm
Screenshot of pganalyze Index Advisor

Fully integrated into pganalyze

The new version of the pganalyze Index Advisor is powered by the pganalyze Indexing Engine, and provides detailed recommendations within the context of your schema and query statistics.

Simply set up pganalyze for your production system, and it will automatically collect necessary data that is used to find missing indexes for your query workload.

Robin Fernandes
Our overall usage of Postgres is growing, as is the amount of data we're storing and the number of users that interact with our products. pganalyze is essential to making our Postgres databases run faster, and makes sure end-users have the best experience possible.
- Robin Fernandes, Software Development Manager, Atlassian

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