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pganalyze Index Advisor for Postgres

Automatically validate that existing indexes are useful, get index recommendations to improve performance, and reduce load on your database.

Postgres Index Recommendations

The pganalyze Index Advisor recommends the best index that covers a specific query and teaches you how to index your Postgres database.

You can weigh the decision whether you want to rewrite a query to use your existing indexes, or whether you want to create the index recommended by the pganalyze Index Advisor.

Screenshot of pganalyze Index Advisor
Screenshot of pganalyze Index Advisor Index Recommendations

Improve Postgres Query Performance

Get index recommendations based on your database schema and statistics and your query workload and additional insights for each table scan, and look at the filter clauses and potential indexes in our pganalyze Index Matrix.

Recommended indexes help improve performance and reduce load on your database.

Deep Insights: The pganalyze Index Matrix

It’s hard to understand how Postgres picks an index and how to improve it. The pganalyze Index Advisor provides a result that allows you to see which indexes could be used by your query, as well as the likely index that would be picked out of those (if there are multiple).

More importantly, it also makes a recommendation for the best index that you might not have thought of yet.

Screenshot of pganalyze Index Advisor Index Matrix
Screenshot of pganalyze Index Advisor CREATE Index copy button

Simple and Actionable: You are in Control

If you want to use the recommended index, simply copy the CREATE INDEX command right from the pganalyze Index Advisor! Should you already be using the best index, you can go on and rest assured that your performance is already optimized.

Standalone Postgres Index Advisor

Imagine the following scenarios: You encounter a slow query in your local development environment and want to verify whether it’s indexed correctly. Or, you have a fire burning on production, and one particular query shows up at the top.

Use our standalone Index Advisor tool! Simply paste your query and schema data and get insights on whether existing indexes are useful, or learn why indexes you thought might help are ignored.

The public Index Advisor assumes a default size of 10 GB for each table - but you can edit those sizes at any time to match real workloads.

Launch pganalyze Index Advisor for Postgres

Postgres Index Advisor

Robin Fernandes
Our overall usage of Postgres is growing, as is the amount of data we're storing and the number of users that interact with our products. pganalyze is essential to making our Postgres databases run faster, and makes sure end-users have the best experience possible.
- Robin Fernandes, Software Development Manager, Atlassian

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