pganalyze VACUUM Advisor for Postgres

Optimize table bloat, freezing and VACUUM performance ensuring ideal performance, stability, and efficiency for your databases.

Enhance Performance and Reduce Database Bloat

Optimizing VACUUM is critical for maintaining peak Postgres performance. However, it can be a complex and time-consuming task.

VACUUM Advisor analyzes key metrics like autovacuum efficiency, dead rows, table bloat, long-running transactions, transaction ID consumption and freezing, autovacuum skipped due to locks, and vacuum cost limit.

Screenshot of pganalyze VACUUM Advisor
Screenshot of pganalyze VACUUM Advisor Bloat Recommendations

A Comprehensive System to Get the Most Out of Postgres VACUUM

VACUUM Advisor scans each table's statistics and combines them with the Postgres logs. In the dashboard you see a breakdown into bloat, freezing and performance statistics and drill-down into individual tables.

VACUUM Statistics for Every Table

See the dead row cleanups and freezing performance of each individual VACUUM, and understand autovacuum scheduling behavior on a per table basis.

Screenshot of table VACUUM details
Screenshot of pganalyze Insufficient VACUUM Frequency Insight

Actionable Insights to Improve VACUUM Performance

Get recommendations around key metrics like table bloat, transaction ID wraparound, xmin horizon, and more based on your database's VACUUM activity.

Receive instant notifications of new insights, ensuring proactive monitoring. Integrate with Slack to streamline communication and expedite actions.

Robin Fernandes
Our overall usage of Postgres is growing, as is the amount of data we're storing and the number of users that interact with our products. pganalyze is essential to making our Postgres databases run faster, and makes sure end-users have the best experience possible.
- Robin Fernandes, Software Development Manager, Atlassian

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