Secure PostgreSQL Databases and Collaboration

Choose to run pganalyze on-premise, work with sensitive data, and granularly manage your users and roles.

Option to run On-Premise

If you choose to run pganalyze on-premise it will run in a Docker container behind your own firewall, on your own servers.

No data will be sent outside your systems so you can always keep control of your data.

Architecture of pganalyze Enterprise Server
Screenshot of Log Insights feature

Encrypted Log Monitoring

Store logs safely on local servers or Amazon S3. Stop leaving unencrypted log files with PII on a server or development machine.

Store statistics in compliance with local policies

Some countries, for certain kind of databases, require you to store all data within their borders. When you use pganalyze on-premise, it allows you to retain statistics data in the correct region of the world to comply with local policies.

Diagram of two regions (EU and US) with servers and pganalyze installation in each
Screenshot of query normalization

Sensitive data

Work with sensitive databases that store data such as medical information, financial data or other high security databases

pganalyze normalizes query information so that only structural data is stored and presented, with all sensitive information filtered out ahead of time.

SSO Integration

To enable seamless login without having to maintain another password, and allow all team members to easily collaborate, we support single sign-on (SSO).

pganalyze integrates with your Active Directory, LDAP, Okta or Google Apps setup.

Single-Sign-On (SSO)
Screenshot of Log Insights PII filtering feature

Careful PII handling / query normalization

  • Dashboards show normalized query text not containing any end-user data
  • Safely share production database statistics with your development team

Sophisticated User Management and Permissions

Restrict access to specific databases and servers, specify whether a user is allowed to modify check configuration, and manage the system vs. exclusively viewing statistics and analysis.

Share production statistics without sharing database access and invite your remote DBA or external contractors to help out.

Screenshot of team management feature

Jon Erdman
The scale and volume of data we handle meant that, prior to using pganalyze, I had no easy visibility into this information. pganalyze has saved me at least a day of forensic analysis when debugging database problems.
- Jon Erdman, Senior Postgres DBA, Bitbucket Cloud

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