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Postgres Performance Optimization

pganalyze scales with your organization and is developed with your security in mind.

Comparison Over Time & Analyze Trends

Often times a performance issue you are investigating has occurred in the past, instead of happening at this very moment.

pganalyze allows easy access to historic data, and enables you to zoom into specific moments of your database server performance.

Screenshot of Query Performance Graph
Screenshot of Log Insights feature

Config Tuning Recommendations

Set up automated checks that analyze your Postgres configuration and suggest optimizations.

pganalyze also detects per-table configuration, for example for table-specific autovacuum settings.

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Smart Index Check

pganalyze highlights why a problematic query is slow and whether an index is potentially missing.

Once the index has been created, you can compare query performance and see the query speed improvements.

Screenshot of Index Check feature
Screenshot of query normalization

Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

The buffer cache is a central component of Postgres, and amongst other things is responsible for providing previously loaded data without having to go to disk.

In pganalyze you can easily see buffer cache hit ratio for each query, over time.