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Webinar: Automating Postgres Index Selection Using Constraint Programming

Get an introduction to a new approach for automatically determining which set of indexes to create for a given Postgres query workload, based on objectives chosen by the developer or DBA.

Lukas Fittl
Lukas Fittl
Founder & CEO, pganalyze

In detail, we walk through

  • Our approach for processing the Postgres query workload statistics derived from pg_stat_statements
  • Why we optimize index selection for a given table, not just a single query
  • A constraint programming optimization model that finds the mathematically optimal solution (set of index choices) based on a given set of constraints and objectives
  • How to find a set of indexes by minimizing the plan cost of all queries, whilst optimizing for the lowest index write overhead
  • How to prioritize a subset of queries over others
  • Controls for considering the impact of indexing to Postgres' HOT Updates
  • Using the model for consolidating existing indexes into a smaller set, to reduce overhead
  • How this compares to other approaches, such as Dexter, HypoPG, and research published on automatic index selection in recent years

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