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Webinar: How To Reason About Indexing Your Postgres Database

See how Postgres chooses which index to use, and learn a methodology for analyzing queries & optimizing indexes.

Lukas Fittl
Lukas Fittl
Founder & CEO, pganalyze

Learn about

  • How Postgres chooses which index to use
  • Background about indexing
    • How Index Scans are made
    • The cost model and how the planner uses it
    • Index cardinality and selectivity
    • Nested Loops and how they affect index usage
  • What is a “good enough” index?
  • A structured approach for finding the right indexes
    • Break queries into scans
    • Turn scans into potential index parameters
    • Estimate the index write overhead and index size
    • Analyze impact across multiple queries
    • Thinking of indexing as a set covering problem
    • Choose the best indexes to cover queries
  • A look behind the scenes: The pganalyze Indexing Engine

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