Announcing The All-New Database Check-Up

We’ve just launched our new version of Database Check-Up - allowing you to see more quickly what could be relevant to look at in your database.

New Database Check-Up

In addition we’ve also revamped the detail pages of queries, tables, indices and config settings to match the new style:

New Database Check-Up: Query New Database Check-Up: Table New Database Check-Up: Index

Improved Check-Up: Config Settings

When working with other people's PostgreSQL databases, we’ve seen a lot of things, from fsync=off (which you really only want if you don’t care about your data or have no writes) to simple misconfiguration of shared_buffers.

In order to help you make the right call whether to change a setting or not, we’ve added an inline version of the official PostgreSQL documentation on the individual config setting pages:

New Database Check-Up: Config

In this particular case, it would certainly make sense to increase shared_buffers (as recommended by the check-up).

New Check-Up: Interesting Queries

Lets take the average database where you’ve got at least 500 to 1000 unique queries. And lets say you not only have one database, but you have 10 databases to manage different functions of your business.

You could go step-by-step through the queries list of each database and try to find interesting queries to review.

But really you want a smarter system telling you what to look at first - which is what we started to implement, and plan to improve over the next week to include more specific hints (like missing indices).

New Database Check-Up: Interesting Queries

New to pganalyze? You can check out the changes using our free pganalyze demo account.

We hope you enjoy the new improvements! :)

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