U134: No such savepoint

Category: Application / User Errors
SQLSTATE: 3B001 (Class 3B — Savepoint Exception: invalid_savepoint_specification)
Urgency: low

Example Postgres Log Output:

ERROR: no such savepoint


Savepoints are temporary points in a transaction that you can roll back to. They are often utilized by ORM frameworks to implement nested transactions.

This error occurs when the specified savepoint can't be found, usually because the parent transaction has already committed or rolled back.

If caused in regular operations together with an ORM, this may indicate a bug in the ORM's state management.

Recommended Action:

When in development and the error is reproducible, review the exact SQL that was issued before this savepoint to determine if this is caused by an ORM bug.

In production this is often harder to debug. It may help to add annotations to the ROLLBACK TO query (using comments in the SQL), to understand which part of your application has issued the command.

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