pganalyze GraphQL API

Welcome to the pganalyze API documentation!

We provide a GraphQL API that you can use to retrieve data that is available in pganalyze. This is the same API that the pganalyze user interface uses to retrieve data.

To learn more about working with GraphQL in general, including using query variables rather than the simple string interpolation used in our examples, please consult the official GraphQL documentation.

The documented endpoints represent what we officially support, whilst a lot of other endpoints exist, these may change at any time and are considered private APIs.

There are two classes of endpoints: 1) Query endpoints, which are used to retrieve statistics data and pganalyze settings. 2) Mutation endpoints, which are used to change pganalyze settings.


Rate Limits

Note that this API is currently not rate limited, but we ask that you don't send requests more than a few times per hour, to avoid unnecessary stress on our systems.

Based on usage patterns we may rate limit this API in the future.

Other API requests

There are more GraphQL API endpoints available - please contact us if you have a use case thats not fulfilled by the above.

We're happy to share details on private APIs that are only used by pganalyze itself, with the disclaimer that they may change at any time.

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