getIssues - Get check-up issues and alerts

Use case

You can utilize this endpoint to export the currently active issues for a server or database, as determined by the pganalyze Check-Up system, in order to export them to a third-party system not directly supported by pganalyze's alerting integrations.


Arguments for getIssues:

  • serverId (string)
    Server ID for which to retrieve issues for
  • databaseId (string)
    Database ID for which to retrieve issues for (either this or serverId needs to be specified)
  • severity (string[] of "info", "warning", or "critical") (optional)
    Only return issues with matching severities (by default issues of any severity are returned)

Fields returned:

  • issues (Array of IssueType)
    • id (String)
      Unique ID of this issue
    • databaseId (Number)
      Database ID this issue is related to
    • description (String)
      Issue description
    • severity (String)
      Issue severity (info, warning, critical)
    • references (Array of IssueReferenceType)
      • kind (String)
        Type of object this issue references
      • name (String)
        Name of the object this issue references
      • url (String)
        URL to the object this issue references
      • secondaryUrl (String) (optional)
        Secondary URL for an alternate object this issue references (e.g. active queries reference both the connection as well as the query object)
      • queryText (String) (optional)
        For query references, statement text of the query


GraphQL query:

query {
  getIssues(serverId: 'bdp4m73ysjgefke7i2dgkenzi4') {
    references {

Using curl:

curl -XPOST -H 'Authorization: Token XXXXXXX' \
  -F 'query=query { getIssues(serverId: "bdp4m73ysjgefke7i2dgkenzi4") { id, description, severity, references { name, url } } }' \
  "data": {
    "getIssues": [
        "id": "42",
        "description": "Setting shared_buffers is too small. For For MB RAM try using shared_buffers = 256 MB (current: 199 MB)",
        "severity": "warning",
        "references": [
            "name": "shared_buffers",
            "url": "/servers/bdp4m73ysjgefke7i2dgkenzi4/config/shared_buffers"

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