A64: Autovacuum launcher shutting down

Category: Autovacuum Events
SQLSTATE: 57P01 (Class 57 - Operator Intervention: admin_shutdown)
Urgency: low

Example Postgres Log Output:

FATAL: terminating autovacuum process due to administrator command
LOG: autovacuum launcher shutting down


These log messages appear when the autovacuum launcher is shutting down, or gets terminated.

Note that the FATAL message only occurs when an unexpected action is taken, e.g. by an administrator running pg_terminate_backend on the autovacuum launcher process.

The LOG message is not of much significance, and has been hidden starting in Postgres 10.

Recommended Action:

For the LOG message no action is necessary, as you would usually see it during server shutdown.

If you see either of these messages outside the shutdown process it is worth verifying whether the autovacuum launcher is still running, either by checking the operating system's process list, or by checking pg_stat_activity like this in Postgres 10+:

postgres=# SELECT pid, backend_start FROM pg_stat_activity WHERE backend_type = 'autovacuum launcher';
 pid |         backend_start         
  26 | 2018-05-14 13:39:08.412156+00
(1 row)

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