C32: Incomplete message from client

Category: Connection Events
SQLSTATE: 08P01 (Class 08 - Connection Exception: protocol_violation)
Urgency: low

Example Postgres Log Output:

LOG: incomplete message from client
CONTEXT: COPY abc, line 1234, column x


This log message indicates that the client did not send a complete message to the Postgres server, and thus a protocol error was raised.

Commonly this is either the result of network issues, or sometimes it indicates a bug in the underlying ORM or database library used by the client.

It can also be caused by clients simply closing a connection after a data load action without doing a clean shutdown.

Recommended Action:

Review client-side errors, more specifically, try to understand what the client was doing at the time and ideally which protocol state they thought they were in.

It also helps to specifically search for the ORM name and this error message, to see if there are any known bugs that others have found already.

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