S8: Miscellaneous server notice

Category: Server Events
SQLSTATE: Multiple
Urgency: low

Example Postgres Log Output:

LOG: could not open usermap file "/var/lib/pgsql/9.5/data/pg_ident.conf": No such file or directory
LOG: could not link file "pg_xlog/xlogtemp.26115" to "pg_xlog/000000010000021B000000C5": File exists
LOG: unexpected pageaddr 2D5/12000000 in log segment 00000001000002D500000022, offset 0


This log event groups together unimportant Postgres server log messages that don't indicate a problem, but are part of regular Postgres operations.

Recommended Action:

No action needed, although it can still be helpful to review the frequency of these messages (they should only occur rarely).

Learn More:

No additional resources available.

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