B93: Terminating walreceiver process due to administrator command

Category: Standby Server Events
SQLSTATE: 57P01 (Class 57 — Operator Intervention: admin_shutdown)
Urgency: low

Example Postgres Log Output:

FATAL: terminating walreceiver process due to administrator command


This log message indicates that streaming replication has been stopped.

You may see this when an operator / DBA calls pg_terminate_backend on the walreceiver process responsible for streaming replication, or Postgres decides that streaming replication should be stopped, e.g. during server shutdown.

Note that streaming replication will attempt to restart after the walreceiver was stopped, so this is commonly only useful to force a reconnect of the secondary to the primary.

Recommended Action:

No action needed, although if unexpected during regular operations it makes sense to verify that streaming was started up again by checking for B91 - Started streaming WAL from primary.

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