Alerts & Check-Up

To help you discover potential problems, pganalyze automatically performs a number of checks on your database.

Screenshot of Alerts & Check-Up feature

Checks run regularly, at different frequencies depending on the check type. When a problem is detected, an issue is created for the server or database where the problem is found.

Issues may have severity "info", "warning", or "critical". Critical issues may indicate a serious performance problem or potential database outage within a matter of hours. Warnings are less serious, but should still be investigated as they can often escalate to critical severity. Info-level issues encourage best practices and indicate opportunities for performance improvements.


If an issue is of severity "critical" (either because it starts as critical or escalates to that level), it will alert organization users according to their configured Alert Policy. You can edit Alert Policies in the Configure section of the Alerts & Check-Up page. You can edit organization members' assigned policies in each member's organization profile page, accessible from the Members section of the organization Settings page.


Checks are organized into several different categories:

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