Config - Too small shared_buffers

Check Frequency

Every 30 minutes

Default Configuration

Detects when the shared_buffers Postgres setting seems too low for the amount of RAM in your machine, and creates an issue with severity "warning". Resolves once the setting has been adjusted to within the recommended range.

This check is enabled by default.



If the memory allocated to Postgres is too small, it will need to perform more reads and writes from disk, decreasing performance.


The ideal shared_buffers setting depends on your workload, but pganalyze uses the following rule of thumb:

  • 20% of RAM for systems with less than 2GB
  • 25% of RAM for systems with less than 32GB
  • 8GB for systems with 32GB or more

Postgres also relies on the operating system page cache, so giving it additional memory beyond the recommended values is not helpful and may be detrimental. For large servers or busy systems we recommend benchmarking to get to the best shared_buffers configuration for your specific workload.

Update the setting to the recommende value.

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