Replication - Missing HA Follower

Check Frequency

Every 30 minutes

Default Configuration

Detects when the actual number of followers registered with the primary is lower than the expected number (0), and creates an issue with severity "critical".

Configure this on the primary server in your replication setup.

This check is enabled by default. These parameters can be tuned in the Configure section of the Alerts & Check-Up page.



If replication fails, this may lead to stale results from queries on the affected follower, and may jeopardize high availability if the primary crashes.

Common Causes

  • Network connectivity

    If there are network connectivity issues between the follower and primary, the follower may have problems maintaining a replication connection. Also, make sure your wal_retrieve_retry_interval value is not set too high, to ensure prompt reconnection in case of transient failures.

  • Follower crash

    If the follower crashes, and is not configured to (or is unable to) restart automatically, it obviously won't be able to maintain replication. Check to make sure the follower is up and running, and review its logs for potential causes of a crash.

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