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EXPLAIN - Insights

  • Disk Sort
    When a Sort operation spills to disk due to low work_mem settings
  • Expensive Nodes
    When particular nodes are more expensive than others in a plan
  • Hash Batches
    When a Hash operation spilles to disk due to low work_mem settings
  • Inefficient Index
    When an index is inefficient because its loading too much data and then filters rows without an index
  • Large Offset
    When OFFSET is used for pagination, instead of an efficient method such as keyset-based pagination
  • Lossy Bitmaps
    Bitmap Heap Scan that utilizes a lossy bitmap due to low work_mem
  • Mis-Estimate
    The Postgres planner mis-estimated the number of rows a particular plan node returns
  • Slow Scan
    Sequential Scan that removed a significant number of rows (an index would have helped to avoid this)
  • Stale Stats
    The table referenced has not had an ANALYZE run recently (potentially leading to inefficient plans)

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