Set up automatic EXPLAIN plan collection


  • Automatic explain plan collection requires Log Insights to be set up successfully

Choose integration method

pganalyze integrates with two mechanisms for collecting EXPLAIN plans automatically:

  • auto_explain
    Postgres collects EXPLAIN (or EXPLAIN ANALYZE) data as part of query processing, based on auto_explain.log_min_duration, reflecting the actual plan that was used
  • Log-based EXPLAIN
    pganalyze collector runs EXPLAIN (without ANALYZE) on all queries logged based on log_min_duration_statement, after the query has completed

Generally we recommend utilizing auto_explain where available, as it provides higher data quality.

Log-based EXPLAIN is not guaranteed to show the same plan that was executed, and cannot show execution metrics like I/O timing or buffer usage.

Supported platforms

PlatformLog-based EXPLAINauto_explain
Amazon RDSYesYes (Recommended)
Azure DatabaseYesNo
Google Cloud SQLYesNo
Heroku PostgresYesNo
Self-managed VMYesYes (Recommended)
Other PaaSNoNo

We are constantly evaluating new platform to support - please reach out if you're missing an integration, to help us prioritize.

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