Index Advisor: Experimenting With Different Configurations

Index Advisor will apply one of the three built-in configurations depending on the workload pattern on a table:

  • Read-optimized
  • Balanced
  • Write-optimized


Any table with writes per minute greater than the threshold of 60 will use the Write-optimized configuration. The Write-optimized configuration prioritizes fewer indexes by allowing more suboptimal scan costs.


Any table that is not write-heavy and has scans per minute greater than the threshold of 1000 will use the Read-optimized configuration. The Read-optimized configuration prioritizes more indexes for achieving better scan costs.


Any table that does not fit into the Write-optimized or Read-optimized configuration will use the Balanced Configuration. Typically this configuration will include more indexes than Write-optimized, but not as many as a Read-optimized configuration.

An exception to these configurations are tables that are smaller than 10 MB in table size (by default), those will be ignored by the Index Advisor.

You can adjust the thresholds that control which configuration gets picked depending on each table's workload by clicking on "Configure thresholds" on the Index Advisor "Configure" tab. You can also override the configuration for specific tables, or use a completely customized configuration for the underlying Constraint Programming Model.

Exploring alternate configurations

table ia detail

You can explore how different configurations will impact the recommendations for any table. Navigate to the Index Advisor tab on a table, experiment with different configurations, and compare the different results.

table ia read optimized

If you do not agree with the automatically applied configuration for a table, you can overwrite the configuration, and it will be used on the next Index Advisor run.

table ia custom configuration

If you’d like to dig in deeper, the underlying model is fully documented and customizable. You have the freedom to experiment and adjust the recommendations to perfectly align with your unique requirements, such as only allowing a specific maximum number of indexes to be created on a table.

In the custom configuration settings, you can also set a table to be ignored by Index Advisor if you do not want to receive any missing index insights for this table.

Saving configuration overrides

When you save a configuration to a table it will be applied with the next Indexing Engine run. Expect Index Advisor to pick up the new configuration within 24 hours at the latest. Whilst anyone in the organization can explore different configurations, only members with the Modify permission can save them.

ia overview configure

To get an overview what configurations are currently applied across a database, you can navigate to the Configure tab in Index Advisor.

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