pganalyze Collector packages

Pre-built collector packages are available on common Debian-based and Red Hat-based Linux distributions for x86 and ARM architectures. Support for BSD-based platforms, or other architectures is available by building from source.

We recommend running our install script to automatically detect your platform and install the correct package:

curl | bash

Alternately, you can install these packages manually.

Choose which OS distribution you are running:

SSH into your system and run the following to download and install the package:

echo "[pganalyze_collector]
metadata_expire=300" | sudo tee -a /etc/yum.repos.d/pganalyze_collector.repo

sudo yum makecache
sudo yum install pganalyze-collector
Repository Signing Key
Fingerprint: C09B 2CAB 0DB3 78F6 E7FD 93F1 0E6D EC71 A2B5 F2F9

These repositories are updated by pganalyze whenever a new stable version of the collector is released.

You can also build the collector from source: Go 1.20 and make are required. To build, just run make.

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