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Step 4: Test and Verify

At this point, your pganalyze setup should be ready to collect EXPLAIN plans. Since you may not have any slow queries in your system right now, we can generate a synthetic slow query that we can use to confirm everything is working.

The collector includes a flag to do this for you automatically, based on your auto_explain.log_min_duration:

sudo pganalyze-collector --test-explain

This will produce no output but will run an artificially slow query using the Postgres pg_sleep function.

Assuming the collector is running in the background, after a few minutes you should then see an EXPLAIN plan show up in the pganalyze EXPLAIN plan list:

Screenshot of EXPLAIN list in pganalyze

When you go to the details, you will find the corresponding plan:

Screenshot of EXPLAIN plan in pganalyze

From now on, you will now get EXPLAIN plans automatically in the pganalyze UI, for all your slow queries.

Learn more about how pganalyze works with EXPLAIN data.

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