Enterprise Server: Troubleshooting



You can run the following command to check the configuration for basic errors:

docker run --env-file ... rake enterprise:self_check

This verifies the Postgres, Redis, SMTP and LDAP configuration (if applicable), as well as confirms that the license is active.

Docker Container Logs

When running Docker on a virtual machine to run pganalyze, you can run the following command:

docker logs -f pganalyze

This will show the full log messages from the pganalyze app, as well as errors from the collector inside the Enterprise Server container.

If you encounter an error screen in the software this will show the details. This information will be required when submitting issues to our support team.

Common errors

Error: License Invalid or Expired

If you see the notice Error: License Invalid or Expired when logging into pganalyze, it means that pganalyze Enterprise Server wasn't able to verify the LICENSE_KEY that is passed.

Step 1: Verify that you are passing LICENSE_KEY to the Docker container. Your license key is identical to the download password that is used to download the image. Reach out to support in case you don't have your license key available.

Step 2: Make sure that the pganalyze container is able to send a HTTPS request to port 443 on enterprise-license-check.pganalyze.com, which is needed to verify the license key.

Step 3: Try restarting the container, and check whether the same error recurs.

If the error is still occurring, please run rake enterprise:self_check, which will return more details like this:

$ docker run ... quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:[version] rake enterprise:self_check

Testing database connection... Success!
Testing Redis connection... Success!
Skipping LDAP test.
Verifying enterprise license... FAILED
  License file exists: No

  ERROR: You need to specify the LICENSE_KEY environment variable

Error: "no credentials in the property bag"

When using IAM authentication on AWS (e.g. with an instance role), you may see an error like this in the logs of the pganalyze Enterprise Server container:

... | [... ERROR pganalyze_workers::full_snapshot_worker] job failed: failed to construct request
... |
... |     Caused by:
... |         no credentials in the property bag
... |
... |     Stack backtrace:
... |         ...

One common cause of this problem can be the HTTP response limit set on the IMDSv2 metadata endpoint, since the container that pganalyze Enterprise Server runs in counts as an extra hop on the network layer.

Typically you can fix this error by raising the IMDSv2 hop limit to 2, like this:

aws ec2 modify-instance-metadata-options \
    --instance-id YOUR_INSTANCE_ID \
    --http-tokens required \
    --http-endpoint enabled \
    --http-put-response-hop-limit 2

If this does not resolve the error, please reach out to us.

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