Step 1: Deploy the Collector

In order to monitor a Heroku Postgres database you need to run the pganalyze collector as an app inside your Heroku account. Through Heroku's add-on attachment system you then attach all databases that should be monitored.

Deploy collector

First, deploy the collector to your own Heroku account with your pganalyze API key:


Remember the name of the collector app. We assume you called it testapp-pganalyze-collector for the next step.

Configure collector to use paid dyno

After the app was created, configure it to use the paid Hobby dyno instead of the Free dyno, otherwise the tracking will stop working once the dyno goes idle:

Note: if you have a large schema, a lot of query activity, or high log volume, you may need a larger dyno size. Check the Heroku dashboard to see if your collector dyno is swapping or crashing.

Now you can continue by attaching your databases:

Continue to Step 2: Attach databases

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