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Step 0: Choose Setup Method

To monitor a new Postgres server with pganalyze, you must make some configuration changes to your database and install and run the pganalyze collector. There are two ways of doing this:

  • manual setup: step through our instructions, making changes yourself
  • guided setup: run a setup program which will prompt you for input and confirmation and make necessary changes on your behalf

The guided setup program is in a pilot stage and we do not recommend using it on production systems yet. However, it's a simpler way to get started on development sytems, and can also set up Automated EXPLAIN and Log Insights for you.

We recommend trying the guided setup program if your system meets the following criteria:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 or newer, or Debian 10 or newer
  • Postgres 10 or newer
  • Collector installed on the same system as your Postgres server
  • Not a production system

Otherwise, you'll need to follow the manual setup instructions. We plan to expand the configurations supported for guided setup soon.

Proceed to manual setup instructionsProceed to guided setup instructions

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