Step 1: Guided Setup

To begin guided setup, you'll need to install the collector, which sends statistics information and query activity to pganalyze.

Note that guided setup is supported for Ubuntu 14.04 or newer or Debian 10 or newer. If you are running an older version, please follow the manual setup instructions.

You will need an API key for the install. It can be found in the pganalyze Settings page for your organization.

To install the collector and start guided setup, run the following command:

We recommend running our install script to automatically detect your platform and install the correct package:

curl | env PGA_GUIDED_SETUP=true bash
Repository Signing Key Fingerprint: C09B 2CAB 0DB3 78F6 E7FD 93F1 0E6D EC71 A2B5 F2F9

Alternately, you can follow the manual install instructions.

You'll be shown additional instructions, and prompted to confirm any changes to your system.

Once finished, check the pganalyze app to continue.

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