Error: "Could not get logs through Azure Event Hub: Timeout"

This error can occur when you went quickly through the steps, and the Postgres database server has not been able to deliver a message yet to the Event Hub. There is a delay of 2-5 minutes for log messages to reach the Event Hub.

We recommend waiting 5 minutes, and then retrying. You can verify whether the Event Hub has received any messages by navigating to it in the Azure Portal.

If this error persists, verify that you've configured the diagnostic setting in Step 3 correctly.

Error: "status code 401 and description: Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation."

This occurs when the collector can't access the Azure Event Hub API.

Review whether you have followed Step 2 fully and assigned the "Azure Event Hubs Data Receiver" permission for the Managed Identity (or Azure AD application) to your Azure Event Hub.

Error: "ManagedIdentityCredential: no default identity is assigned to this resource"

This error occurs when there is no authentication configured.

When using Managed Identity, verify that you have actually assigned the identity to your VM. Read more in the Azure documentation.

This may also occur when you have multiple user-assigned managed identities set for your virtual machine. Try removing any unrelated managed identities, or explicitly set the azure_ad_client_id / AZURE_AD_CLIENT_ID setting to the Managed Identity's Client ID.

Error: "failed to configure Azure AD JWT provider"

See the above section titled Error: "ManagedIdentityCredential: no default identity is assigned to this resource"

Error: "failed to connect to the Event Hub management node"

Double check your Event Hub namespace and Event Hub name that you have configured in Step 5.

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