Step 1: Create Topic and Subscriber

Log output on Google Cloud SQL / AlloyDB is available through Cloud Pub/Sub.

In the Google Cloud Console, navigate to "Pub/Sub" and create a new Topic, e.g. calling it "postgres-logs".

Next, create a Pub/Sub subscriber, with the following settings:

  • Subscription ID: Name of your choice (e.g. "pganalyze-collector")
  • Cloud Pub/Sub topic: Select the topic you just created
  • Delivery type: Pull
  • Subscription expiration: Leave at default (expire after 31 days)
  • Message retention duration: 1 day
  • Retry policy: Retry immediately

You now have the Pub/Sub topic and subscriber that can receive the Postgres log messages.

Continue to Step 2: Configure log routing for the database instance

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