2019.04.1 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2019.04.1

New features

  • Note: This release is a backport release, without any statistics database changes
    • If you are currently on the v2019.04.0 release, you can simply swap the image tag to v2019.04.1
    • For upgrades from older versions follow the upgrade guide
  • Update logo to match new pganalyze brand
  • Add support for AWS API custom endpoints
    • Use the following new environment variables to set a non-standard endpoint:
  • Refresh license every 24 hours
    • This avoids interruption when an Enterprise license gets renewed
    • Deactivate this behaviour with LICENSE_KEY_NO_REFRESH=1
  • Allow setting collector timeouts in server settings
    • This can be utilized to permit the collector to take longer to retrieve query texts on very busy databases
  • Mailer: Add MAILER_SSL_VERIFY_MODE config
    • Use MAILER_SSL_VERIFY_MODE=none to disable TLS verification for the mail server
    • Fixes issue where previously when using a self-signed cert for your mail server (e.g. on an internal subnet), pganalyze would fail to send mails
  • Default production log level to info, allow override with RAILS_LOG_LEVEL
    • This significantly reduces the log volume that the pganalyze container produces
  • Add support for Amazon RDS 2019 SSL certificate
  • Log retention: Always allow 30 days log retention


  • Non-critical security updates
    • brakeman (CVE-2019-18409)
    • devise (CVE-2019-16109)
    • loofah (CVE-2019-15587)
    • nokogiri (CVE-2019-5477, CVE-2019-11068, CVE-2019-13117)
    • puma (CVE-2019-16770)
    • rack (CVE-2019-16782)
    • rack-cors (CVE-2019-18978)
    • rubyzip (CVE-2019-16892)
  • Correctly URI decode user and password in MAILER_URL
    • Previously certain characters (e.g. @) could not be used in user or password
  • Fix GraphiQL API explorer view
    • You can use this to explore the pganalyze API by going to /graphiql when logged in
  • Issues: Filter out issues that don't have a valid reference
  • Fix Postgres role link on Server Settings page
  • Fix Read-write API key button
  • Allow case and whitespace mismatch for invite acceptance

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