2018.08.0 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2018.08.0

New features

  • Add index sizes and index age to per-table index list


  • Restore support for initial install on Postgres versions older than Postgres 10
    • This was accidentally broken in 2018.07.0 due to some Postgres 10 specific performance improvements

Performance improvements


Other changes

  • Important - Action Needed: License keys are now checked when the container is started, not just when the container is downloaded
    • Set the LICENSE_KEY environment variable to the same value as the password you use for downloading the Docker image
    • This requires the container to be able to make an HTTPS connection (port 443) to enterprise-license-check.pganalyze.com - if this is not possible in your setup please contact support for workarounds
    • Use rake enterprise:self_check to verify that the license key is configured correctly

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