2020.09.0 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2020.09.0


New features

  • Add search filter for VACUUM history list
  • Add search filter for per-table queries list
  • Show top 5 databases in database list only
    • Improves situations where a single server has a lot of databases (and the navigation becomes unusable)
    • This list remembers the last 5 databases viewed for a particular server, and shows these in the navigation
    • All other databases can be accessed through a separate link to the per-server database list
  • Show additional information about partitioned tables
  • Date picker: Accept default Postgres timestamp format in timestamp input
  • Add collector helper pganalyze.explain(...) for log-based EXPLAIN access and use if available


  • EXPLAIN plans
    • Don't try to convert JSON explain to text when error present
    • Surface log-based EXPLAIN permission errors
  • Locked relations: Ignore table statistics, handle other exclusive locks
  • Avoid corrupted snapshots when OIDs get reused across databases
    • This would have shown as data not being visible in pganalyze, particularly for servers with many databases where tables were dropped and recreated often

Performance improvements

  • Improve data model for snapshots table
  • Add index to speed up finding the highest severity issue on a database
  • Improve performance of query details pages

Security improvements

  • Multiple security updates to Node.js modules used during web asset generation
    • Whilst pganalyze currently doesn't use Node.js at runtime, these modules might have shown up in security scanners and raise unnecessary warnings

Other changes

  • Update to Ruby 2.7.1
  • Improve EXPLAIN integration checklist
  • Fail fast when LOG_ENCRYPTION_KEY is configured incorrectly

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