2023.03.1 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2023.03.1



  • The bundled collector has been updated to v0.49.2 (from v0.49.0 in prior release)
    • Increases maximum time allowed for activity snapshots (this may fix occurrences of missing connection tracing data compared to the prior release)
    • Fixes issues related to locks held during schema statistics collection
    • Fixes handling of failures of the optional pg_stat_statements_reset() logic (if enabled but the permissions were not set correctly)
    • See full collector changelog
  • The included Amazon RDS and Aurora SSL certificate bundle has been changed to utilize the new global CA set
    • This supports both the "rds-ca-2019" certificate, as well as more recently announced CAs such as "rds-ca-rsa2048-g1"


  • Index Advisor: Reduce interval for re-checks when queries and schema remain unchanged
    • Previously such tables were checked every second day, but they are now only checked weekly to reduce overhead for infrequently used tables
    • If the queries or table changes that kicks off a new Indexing Engine run
  • Query analysis: Speed up handling of queries with foreign key references, by only going one level deep
    • The generic plan costs are only affected by direct foreign key relationships, so we can save some cycle this way
  • Improve performance of Index Advisor overview page


  • Enterprise Server migrations: Fix bug in migration "20221215023958_drop_replication_stats_and_old_vacuum_run.rb"
    • If you attempted to upgrade to the Enterprise Server release v2023.03.0 you might have run into a failure in this migration - this bugfix resolves that error
  • Enterprise Server setup: Avoid unnecessary "BucketAlreadyOwnedByYou" error when initializing storage buckets
  • Query analysis: Fix handling of AlternateSubPlan nodes in generic query plans
  • Automated EXPLAIN: Prefer storing samples with EXPLAIN plans when too many samples are received within the same timeframe
    • This resolves some edge cases where a query sample was visible, but no EXPLAIN plan, despite a plan having been collected
  • Type width estimates: Avoid errors for certain variable-length types provided by extentions (geometry, citext)
  • Alert policy configuration: Remove "Coming soon" flag from blocking queries check


  • Fix unrelated vulnerabilities that may have been flagged in dependency scanners
    • Rails: CVE-2023-27539 and CVE-2023-28120
    • Rack: CVE-2023-27530
    • Update rust-openssl

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