2022.08.1 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2022.08.1


  • This release requires a database migration when coming from older releases, be sure to follow the recommended upgrade steps
  • This is mainly a bugfix release to address Postgres connection issues and IAM authentication issues with certain configurations reported with the v2022.08.0 release


  • Update collector inside pganalyze Enterprise Server image to v0.45.1
    • Auto-detect Aurora writer instance, as well as reader on two-node clusters
      • Previously it was required to specify the individual instance to support log downloads and system metrics, but this now happens automatically
      • The cluster name is auto-detected from the hostname, make sure to not specify the AWS DB Instance ID manually for the auto-detection to work
      • This requires giving the IAM policy for the collector the DescribeDBClusters permission
      • In case more than one reader instance is used, each reader instance must be specified individually instead of using the readonly cluster hostname
    • Amazon RDS/Aurora: Show instance role hint when running collector test
    • Amazon RDS/Aurora: Show permission errors during log download
  • Better handling of complex queries with parse trees more than 100 levels deep
    • Previously query analysis could not be performed on such queries, causing them to not have links to table references, and hiding them from Index Advisor


  • Fix Postgres connection errors for certain configurations
  • Fix handling of IAM authentication with instance roles (when object storage is enabled)
  • Periodic worker restarts have been modified to run every 6 hours (instead of 30 minutes)
    • This avoids issues with frequent restarts causing snapshots or automatic analysis to be interrupted


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