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2024.04.2 Release

Docker tag:


  • This is a patch release on top of 2024.04.0 and 2024.04.1
    • This release does not have any new database migrations, and is easy to apply (or rollback)
    • If you're upgrading from a release before 2024.04.0, be sure to read those release notes, and follow the recommended upgrade steps


  • Bundled nginx configuration: Increase max file upload size from 1MB to 500MB
    • This caused larger snapshots (i.e. with lots of statistics data) to fail being processed
  • Snapshot API: Correctly respect X-Forwarded-Proto header for snapshot upload URL
    • The X-Forwarded-Proto header is typically set by load balancers that do SSL/TLS termination in front of the pganalyze installation
    • Previously the snapshot API server was incorrectly generating http:// URLs for snapshot upload in such scenarios, despite the API request coming in to an https:// URL
    • This fixes support for load balancers that do not have an HTTP port listener, on installations that do not have FORCE_SSL set to 1 (which avoided this bug, by always requiring SSL/TLS)


  • Routine security updates to packages in the base image

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