2017.08.0 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2017.08.0

New features

  • Introduce Organizations and Roles to replace per-database collaboration model
    • Create one or multiple organizations, each with their set of servers and members
    • Allows the creation of roles that can only access certain databases or servers
    • Roles can be attached to one or multiple users (and each user can have multiple roles)
    • Existing collaborator data will automatically be converted to organization when upgrading
  • Add getQueryStats API to export query data
    • See documentation for details
  • Log Insights: Visual log statistics for log event categories
    • Log Insights now shows a visualization of log event classifications for the last 24 hours
  • Refresh query text every 24 hours
    • Previously we kept the initial query text that is shown on the query details page, and never updated it - this change refreshes the text every 24 hours with the latest we receive
  • Add explicit per-server option to clear query text cache
    • This can be used to reset the query text shown on the query details page, reach out to support for instructions how to do so


  • Automatically create an admin user with password for new installations (except if they are LDAP based)
  • Query processing: Add additional ".scrub" after truncate step
  • PartitionedTableCreator: Handle duplicate table failure
  • Add additional tables to be cleaned up to DeleteOldSnapshots
  • Ignore cursor name in DECLARE CURSOR/FETCH FROM/CLOSE
  • Log Insights: Allow filtering log lines by classification
  • Log Insights: Add additional log classifications
  • Log Insights: Fix showing of title when classification is unknown
  • Scrub invalid UTF-8 from queries before storing

Performance improvements

  • Automatically create indices on collected_at for all partitioned tables
  • Add missing index on queries.database_id
  • Query details: Only load indexes for index check that are current
  • Query details: Avoid N+1 queries on query detail page
  • Improve queries table, remove unnecessary tables/columns
  • Log Insights: Optimize loading of log lines

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