2021.12.1 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2021.12.1


New features

  • Index Advisor
    • Allow simple alias domain types
    • Support tables with foreign key references
  • Optimize Enterprise docker image for size by using a multi-stage build + other improvements
    • This results in a roughly 75% size reduction for the Enterprise docker image (from 1.1GB to 307MB)
  • Update to pganalyze-collector 0.42.0
    • If you have previously upgraded to 2021.12.0 and use the built-in collector, this update should resolve query reporting gaps occuring roughly every 30 minutes
    • Cache AWS API call results to avoid running into rate limits
    • Log Insights: Add "invalid input syntax for type json" log event
    • Log Insights: Improve handling of "malformed array literal" log event
    • Fix incorrect index recorded for unknown parent or foreign key tables


  • Index Advisor: Fix "AccessExclusiveLock required to add toast table" errors
  • Avoid unnecessary consumption of ID sequence values for internal tables
  • Correctly track creation timestamp for internal records of databases and queries

Performance improvements

  • Index Advisor: Optimize performance of background processing, avoid unnecessary planning for special queries (e.g. <query text unavailable>)
  • Reduce number of web requests for most page loads, avoiding duplicate data loading

Security improvements

  • Update app dependencies for CVE-2021-44528

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