2020.07.1 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2020.07.1


  • We recommend upgrading 2020.07.2 or newer to avoid a bug related to some servers not collecting data
  • This release requires a small database migration when coming from 2020.07.0, be sure to follow the recommended upgrade steps


  • Avoid creation of duplicate servers due to missing API system scope
    • The API system scope enterprise is now used for local collector servers
    • If you have upgraded to 2020.07.0 you will likely have seen duplicate server entries
    • This bugfix resolves the problem, and switches back to using the correct server entries
    • You can remove the duplicate server entries from the "Server Settings" screen after clicking on the server
  • Remove requirement to have uuid-ossp extension installed
    • UUID generation for the statistics database is now done through pgcrypto only
  • Require login for in-app documentation
  • Fix contact support link to point to support@ email alias

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