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2024.04.1 Release

Docker tag:


  • This is a patch release on top of 2024.04.0
    • This release does not have any new database migrations, and is easy to apply (or rollback)
    • If you're upgrading from a release before 2024.04.0, be sure to read those release notes, and follow the recommended upgrade steps


  • Index Advisor
    • Add support for "pg_bigm", "cube", "earthdistance" and "ltree" extensions
    • Add ability to filter out acknowledged state insights

Other improvements

  • Improve support of read-only filesystems by writing license response file to temporary folder
    • This avoids having to make the /home/app folder writeable for the license_response.json file, and instead only requires the $TMPDIR folder (typically /tmp) to be writeable.
  • Add option to source $INIT_SCRIPT at startup
    • This enables easier use of external secret management tools in a Kubernetes environment, since you can now directly have the container source a file previously written in an init container, instead of having to manually use "bash -c" to source that file first. To use, first have an init container write a file to a volume mount, and then mount that same volume to the main pganalyze container and set INIT_SCRIPT to the file location. The file should contain export VARIABLE=value statements, e.g. to set the LICENSE_KEY or DATABASE_URL
  • Allow configuring ports used inside Enterprise Server container
    • This allows overriding the following port settings:
      • PORT (default to 5000), where the reverse proxy listens for HTTP requests
      • SSL_PORT (default to 5001), where the reverse proxy listens for HTTPS requests
      • APP_PORT (default to 5002), where the main app listens for the reverse proxy
      • SNAPSHOT_PORT (default to 5003), where the snapshot API listens for the reverse proxy
    • We only recommend changing these when needed and recommend not changing APP_PORT and SNAPSHOT_PORT as they should be considered internal details that are subject to change
  • Add support for built-in nginx to Enterprise slim images
    • This was added in the last Enterprise release (2024.04.0) to support reverse proxying to either the regular application or the snapshot API on the same port (5000), depending on path.
    • However we omitted to properly support this for the slim Enterprise images at the time. This adds the package, allowing to run "web" for starting up a web server that handles both regular app requests and the snapshot API
  • Allow directly running Enterprise Server "slim" image as non-root user
    • Generically the Enterprise Server image will drop privileges to the "app" user as soon as it can, but container boot-up was historically still done as the "root" user inside the container.
    • With this change, when using the Enterprise Server "slim" images (that is, the images which do not run an init system, requiring separate containers/pods to be deployed for different functions, such as web/worker/collector), you can now specify the app user (app, UID 1000) directly on the container host, guaranteeing the container guest OS never runs as root
  • Automated EXPLAIN
    • View EXPLAIN Source: Hide "Async Capable" field when converting from JSON to text format
    • Add a better support for handling new lines with the text log format
    • Correctly convert I/O timing output for Postgres 15+ to JSON format if needed


  • Bundled nginx configuration: Correctly handle X-Forwarded-Proto set by upstream load balancers / proxies
    • This avoids SSL related redirect problems, or SAML single-sign on issues caused by the recent addition of nginx as a reverse proxy inside the Enterprise Server container image.
  • Index Advisor:
    • Avoid Internal Error for tables that had no scans/query activity in the last 7 days
    • Avoid errors when unsupported index types/data types are referenced by a table


  • Routine security updates to packages in the base image and library dependencies

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