2020.07.2 Release

Docker tag: quay.io/pganalyze/enterprise:v2020.07.2


  • This release requires a small database migration when coming from 2020.07.1 or older releases, be sure to follow the recommended upgrade steps
    • When upgrading from 2020.07.1: The database migration is for performance optimization purposes only and can be run in parallel with the system running (this does not apply when you are upgrading directly from an older release)

New features

  • Provide additional SMTP configuration options
    • Adds MAILER_SSL, possible values:
      • tls: Require SSL/TLS connection always
      • starttls: Require STARTTLS protocol
      • none: Don't use SSL/TLS or STARTTLS
      • auto: Auto-detect STARTTLS capability (default)
    • Adds MAILER_AUTHENTICATION, possible values:
      • plain: Sends password in clear (default)
      • login: Sends password base64 encoded
      • cram_md5: Sends password using CRAM-MD5 challenge response mechanism
    • Adds MAILER_DOMAIN which can be set to the domain the mail server expects in HELO
  • Collect information on table partitioning
    • By default the table list only shows parent tables (can be toggled with checkbox)
    • The table details of a partitioned table show the partitions associated with it


  • Local collector: Use organization API keys always, instead of server keys
    • This fixes a bug that would have caused collection to fail for some servers after upgrading to 2020.07.0 or 2020.07.1
    • Per-server keys are deprecated, but may still be in use when not using the local collector. For the local collector, we always rely on the organization-wide keys going forward
  • Fix schema table filtering to support subsequent searches correctly
  • Fix overflowing text in QuerySamples
  • Fix visual scrolling artifacts on some tables

Performance improvements

  • Speed up query log line count by using pre-aggregated table
  • Speed up query detail pages through additional index

Security improvements

  • Require manage permission for access to read/write API keys, not just api permission
    • In practice this doesn't make much of a difference for most setups, but it ensures that manage permissions are consistently enforced for API keys as well

Other changes

  • Update included pganalyze collector for Enterprise to 0.32.0
  • EXPLAIN list: Sort by newest entries first by default
  • EXPLAIN details: Improve overflow handling for significant fields

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